Kinabalu National Park Climb the summit of Borneo's highest mountain or wander the park's numerous picturesque trails.

Gunung Mulu National Park Options include the Pinnacles hike and climbing Gunung Mulu itself.

Mt Trusmadi Not as tall at Mt Kinabalu, but a steeper, more relentless trekking challenge.

Salt Trail Sabah's most challenging multiday trek involves steep climbs and serious river crossings.

Maliau Basin Conservation Area Tough, remote hikes through ancient forest; swim in waterfalls and machete-slash your way through jungle.

Bario to Ba Kelalan A classic three- to four-day trek through the Kelabit Highlands.

Pegunungan Meratus (Meratus Mountains) Trails from Loksado criss-cross forested valleys.

Muller Mountains Borneo's most remote mountain range.

Batang Ai Region Catch a glimpse of wild orangutans on a trek along the Red Ape Trail.


Deramakot Forest Reserve Leopard cats, civets, slow loris and even clouded leopards reside in this remote part of Sabah.

Semenggoh Wildlife Centre One of the easiest places to see semi-wild orangutans.

Sepilok Rescued orangutans, living free in the forest, drop by for fruit. Next door, rescued sun bears thrive.

Sungai Kinabatangan Wild orangutans, numerous monkey species and pygmy elephants are often spotted along the riverbanks.

Tanjung Puting National Park Combine semi-wild orangutan spotting with an unforgettable boat trip.

Softwoods Plantation Go pygmy elephant spotting in a eucalyptus plantation on the back of a pickup truck.

Tawau Hills One of the best places in Sabah for spotting hornbills, frogs and snakes.

Batang Ai National Park Catch a glimpse of wild orangutans on a trek through the park and beyond.

Gunung Palung National Park Accessible park with wild orangutans, gibbons, sun bears and clouded leopards.

Kutai National Park The best place in Kalimantan for the chance of seeing wild orangutans.

Indigenous Culture

Kelabit Highlands One of the best places in Borneo to hike from longhouse to longhouse.

Batang Ai Region Old-time Iban longhouses, many accessible only by boat.

Orou Sapulot Stay in a Murut longhouse, go jungle trekking, cave exploring and swimming in waterfalls.

Upper Sungai Mahakam Dayak culture in the heart of Borneo.

Tip of Borneo Walk or cycle between friendly Rungus villages, or stay in a traditional longhouse.

Kapuas Hulu Some of Kalimantan's oldest and most welcoming longhouse communities are around Putussibau.

Pegunungan Meratus Animist beliefs are strong in these remote mountain communities.

Western Sarawak Bidayuh longhouses and the Sarawak Cultural Village.

Long Pasia The friendly Lundayeh in this remote village will take you hunting, foraging or jungle trekking.

River Trips

Rivers were once the only transport arteries into Borneo’s interior, and in some areas – especially in Kalimantan – ferries, longboats and canoes are still the only way to get around.

Tanjung Puting National Park The shores of Sungai Sekonyer teem with macaques, orangutans and crocs up towards Camp Leakey.

Sungai Mahakam The further upriver you go, the wilder the wildlife.

Sungai Bungan Borneo's most thrilling canoe trip.

Sungai Kinabatangan An ark’s worth of animals, plus travel from the Deramakot Forest Reserve to the sea.

Batang Rejang Take a ‘flying coffin’ river express to Belaga.

Bandar Seri Begawan to Bangar Slap through palm-lined waterways and weave among mangroves on an exhilarating speedboat ride.

Multicultural Cities

Kuching Fantastic for strolling, with 19th-century forts, two Chinatowns and excellent cuisine for every budget.

Bandar Seri Begawan The world's largest water village, two stunning mosques and a stellar dining scene.

Sibu The mostly Chinese ‘Swan City’ has a thriving food scene and Malaysia's largest indoor market.

Balikpapan Kalimantan’s cosmopolitan city offers live music and a youthful nightlife that transcends the usual karaoke clubs.

Kota Kinabalu Good museums, superb dining scene and bustling street markets are highlights of this cosmopolitan city.

Exploring Caves

Borneo has an incredible variety of underground wonders. While some of the caves must be visited with a professional guide, others are easily accessible on boardwalks.

Gunung Mulu National Park Some of the world’s most spectacular caves, dripping with stalactites, are home to millions of bats.

Gomantong Caves The splendour of the cathedral-like grand chamber eclipses the pungent presence of bat guano.

Niah National Park Niah’s enormous caverns, once home to prehistoric humans, are easy to explore on boardwalks.

Wind Cave & Fairy Cave Stairs and paths make it possible to visit these caves unaccompanied.

Agop Batu Tulug Climb some steep stairs to check out the 900-year-old ironwood coffins of the Orang Sungai.

Kuching Caving This small spelunking outfit offers adventurous day expeditions to Kuching-area caves.

Goa Beloyot A tiny cave containing ancient handprints.