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The northern side of Lac Bay is sheltered by mangrove forests, where wetland birds breed and reef creatures mature (which explains why the mangrove is sometimes called a 'coral reef nursery'). It's a gem for paddlers and snorkelers, who can spot young fish, sea stars and sponges in the crystal clear waters. The Kaminda Lac – around the northern side of the bay – is a picturesque drive (and a popular cycling route) with views of dense mangroves and flocks of flamingos.

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Mangrove Clear Bottom Kayaking

Mangrove Kayaking provides an ideal mode of transportation at Bonaire’s Lac Bay Mangrove forest which is one of the best-preserved mangrove forests in the Caribbean and also Bonaire’s coral reefs’ nursery. You’ll maneuver your kayak with ease in this beautiful and tranquil environment, through the mangrove shallows and tunnels where you can find three different species of mangrove trees across crystal clear waters. Paddling past bird habitats and fish spawning areas while you are mangrove kayaking you’ll learn about the relationship between the plants and the animals of this part of Bonaire. Most people still have the idea that all the mangrove areas look like a mangrove swamp! Not on Bonaire!! While Kayaking in between the mangroves and the barrier reef we can find large areas covered with seagrass, which is an important environment for queen conch shells, as well as many other sea creatures such as baby rays, lobster, green turtles and baby seahorses. The seagrass also has an important function in filtering the water in Lac Bay and keeps it clear. Nature preservation on Bonaire is in the good hands of STINAPA. About 60% of our island territory is a national park or a protected area. The mangrove forest of Lac Bay is part of the Bonaire National Marine Park and since March 2006 all guides must be certified, this not only guarantees the preservation of this important area but also that you will get the most of your guided Mangrove Kayaking on Bonaire.

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