Eat. Sleep. Dive. So goes the mantra of many a Bonaire visitor. As such, the island boasts some excellent places to eat (in addition to the places to sleep and dive). The major resorts all have excellent restaurants, but downtown Kralendijk is also peppered with recommended eateries, offering Caribbean, American and European cuisine with plenty of innovation. For local fare, head to Rincon.

Essential Food & Drink

Because of the arid conditions, food in Bonaire has always been hearty – and salty. Thick stews are made with meats such as goat and chicken, and with vegetables like okra and squash.

  • Goat (kabritu) stew Still a classic dish that most folk will say is made best by their own mother. Also appears in curries.
  • Pastechi Dough pockets filled with meats and/or Dutch cheese, and deep-fried.
  • Keshi yena Comes in myriad variations: a cheese casserole with chicken, okra and a few raisins for seasoning. Much better than it sounds.
  • Yambo A Creole gumbo stew with plenty of okra.
  • Seafood Common and good, especially shellfish. Fish is popular in curries.
  • Funchi Based on cornmeal, it is formed in to cakes and fried, mixed with okra and fried, or used as a coating for chicken and fish.
  • Satay Indonesian skewers of barbecued meat with a savory peanut sauce, via the colonial Dutch.
  • Frikandel This deep-fried sausage is a classic Dutch snack.