Yacuiba in detail

Flights & getting there

Yacuiba's bus terminal is about 10 blocks from the plaza on Av San Martín. Buses for Tarija (B$40 to B$60, 12 hours) typically leave before 9am and after 6pm; trufis and micros (B$100) run frequently throughout the day. Numerous flotas (long-distance buses) leave every evening for Santa Cruz (B$70 to B$220, 15 hours) via Villamontes and Camiri, and trufis (B$30, 1½ hours) depart for Villamontes throughout the day when full; the latter leave from a spot just off the plaza on the road to the bus terminal.

The ticket window at Yacuiba’s railway station, two blocks south and one block west of the main plaza, opens in the morning on the day of departure; line up early. The Ferroviaria Oriental (www.fo.com.bo) runs to Santa Cruz (B$47, 14 hours) via Villamontes (B$11, 2¾ hours) on Friday at 5pm.

TAM and Amaszonas (www.amaszonas.com/es-bo) have flights to Tarija and then onward to Santa Cruz one or two days a week.

Crossing the Border into Argentina

Shared taxis (B$10 per person) shuttle between Yacuiba's central plaza and bus terminal and Argentine immigration at Pocitos only 5km to the south. After crossing the border on foot, onward bus services to Tartagal and Embarcación leave every couple of hours, where you can make connections to Salta, Jujuy and Buenos Aires.