Top things to do in Villa Tunari

Wildlife Reserve in Villa Tunari

Parque Machía

This 37-hectare wildlife refuge houses more than 200 free-range poached or injured critters, and another 300 or so in enclosures. Those who run free (mostly monkeys) make cameos on the 1km hike up to a scenic overlo…
International in Villa Tunari

Restaurant San Silvestre

It's a bit expensive and over the top, but San Silvestre, on the main road next to Las Palmas, remains unchallenged as the best restaurant in town. The surubí al coco (a local catfish in coconut sauce) is a real sta…
International in Villa Tunari

Leños Ardientes

Need your international fix? In addition to grilled fish and meat, this generic-looking restaurant does everything from pizza to pasta, chicken wings and Swiss fondue. There's also a nice wine menu, espresso coffees…
Religious in Villa Tunari

Festival de San Antonio

The Festival of San Antonio, the town’s patron saint, is celebrated in the first week of June.
Park in Villa Tunari

Centro de Preservación La Hormiga

A small park/wildlife garden 11km from Villa Tunari featuring a variety of bromeliads and other plant life, as well as some (caged) local fauna. A taxi will take you from Villa Tunari (20 minutes), wait while you to…
Food & Drink in Villa Tunari

Feria Regional del Pescado

For delicious and unique Amazonian fish dishes, be in town the first week of August for the Feria Regional del Pescado.