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Getting There & Away

Buses taking the newer road between Cochabamba and Santa Cruz pass through Villa Tunari. Buses (B$20, four hours) and micros (small buses; B$30, three hours) from Cochabamba leave from the corner of Avs Oquendo and 9 de Abril throughout the day.

Getting a shared taxi from Santa Cruz is much faster than the bus, but means several changes – this typically involves hopping out of one taxi and straight into the next. From the old bus terminal take a taxi to Yapacani (B$25, two hours), from there go to Bulo-Bulo (B$15, one hour), then on to Ivirgazama (B$15, 1½ hours), then another to Shinahota (B$12, 45 minutes) and finally one to Villa Tunari (B$6, 30 minutes). It sounds more complicated than it really is and is a good way of avoiding waiting around for a bus, though you can expect more people to be piled into each cab than actually fit!