Museum in Vallegrande

Museo del Che

This museum is inside the impressive Centro Cultural Ernesto Che Guevara, which was completed in 2016 in time for the 50th anniversary of Che's death the following year. It contains a photo-documentary of events lea…
Mausoleum in Vallegrande

El Mausoleo del Che

In 1995, 28 years after Che’s death, a soldier who carried out the burial revealed that Che's body lay beneath Vallegrande’s airstrip. After two years of searching, Che's body was discovered in 1997. The spot is mar…
Historic Site in Vallegrande

Hospital Señor de Malta

After Che’s execution in La Higuera, south of Vallegrande, his body was brought to the hospital laundry and put on display for the world's press. The hospital still functions, but the laundry itself has been cordone…