Top Choice Pizza in Uyuni

Minuteman Revolutionary Pizza

This convivial spot, inside the Toñito Hotel, run by Chris from Boston and his Bolivian wife Sussy, is a deserved travelers’ favorite. Sample the best pizzas in Bolivia, each served with a gourmet salad. It’s also a…
Bolivian in Uyuni

Lithium Club

This upper-end choice has international-takes on traditional Bolivian dishes like charque de llama (llama jerky) and pailita de llama (llama stew), bringing together authentic flavor combinations with a smidge of Eu…
Pub Food in Uyuni

Extreme Fun Pub

This roaming warren of corridors is a funky spot for a burger or cocktail – try a Sexy Llama Bitch. It has salt floors, friendly service, a book exchange and beautiful salar photos (as well as some not so beautiful …
Pub Food in Uyuni

Wiphala Pub

Named after the multicolored Aymará flag, this place has a traditional atmosphere and welcoming feel with its wooden tables, earthy vibe and board games. It serves tasty Bolivian dishes, specializing in llama meat a…
Market in Uyuni

Market Comedor

For quick eats, cheap meals are on offer at the market comedor (dining hall) and nearby street food stalls. Our intensively researched 'Best Uyuni Salteña' award goes to the small cart that you can find mornings on …
International in Uyuni

Restaurant 16 de Julio

Right along the main strip, this is a pleasant and friendly place, adorned with hanging plastic plants. A full spectrum of international and Bolivian dishes is on offer, including the obligatory llama steak, and ple…
Italian in Uyuni

Ristorante Italia

Service can be painfully slow at this buzzing place with bamboo decor and plenty of travelers. The menu features sandwiches and a wide selection of pizzas, and is pretty similar to the other suspiciously similar-loo…
Pizza in Uyuni

Arco Iris

Something of an Uyuni classic for a huge choice of pizza and drinks, this place with wooden benches and Bolivian indigenous decor is friendly and popular. A great place to link up with other travelers.