Uyuni attractions

Historic Site in Uyuni

Cementerio de Trenes

The only real attraction in Uyuni, Cementerio de Trenes is a rusty collection of historic steam locomotives and rail cars dating back to the 19th century, when there was a rail-car factory here. Today they sit decay…
Museum in Uyuni

Museo Ferrocarril

Serious trainspotters might want to take a look inside this huge hangar of a museum, which houses several salt-crusted train engines and carriages. It's not possible to board the trains and there is little signage, …
Museum in Uyuni

Museo Arqueología y Antropológico de los Andes Meridionales

A small museum featuring mummies, long skulls, fossils, ceramics and textiles. There are Spanish descriptions of the practices of cranial deformation. At research time the museum was closed for renovations.
Landmark in Uyuni

Clock Tower

This European-style clock tower was built in 1930 with a clock mechanism that was imported from Germany. You can find the tourist police office here.
Monument in Uyuni

Monumento a Los Héroes del Chaco

This monument is dedicated to the fallen in the brutal Chaco War.
Landmark in Uyuni

Stranded Locomotive

This rusty old carriage is located near the train station.
Monument in Uyuni

Workers' Monument

This local landmark pays homage to the common man.
Church in Uyuni


The simple church on Colón is a local landmark.