To & From the Airport

Taxis to and from the airport charge around B$20, but if you don’t have much luggage, moto-taxis are cheaper (B$10) – you’ll be surprised how much luggage they can accommodate with a bit of creativity.


Motorcycles are a great way to while the day away – for B$15 per hour or B$80 for a full day you can rent a bike and join the general public in whizzing around the square. Pick one up from Motos de Alquiler Oscarito. You’ll need a regular driver’s license from home.


Moto-taxis around town cost B$3 (a bit more at night), while increasingly scarce car taxis charge B$10.

For rides to outlying areas, phone Radio Taxi Germán Busch, or look for one on the plaza. Bank on around B$50 per hour for up to four people, including waiting time.