Trinidad is the place you’ll come to if you’re after a trip down the long and deep Río Mamoré, or on your way between Santa Cruz and Rurrenabaque. Despite its colonial architecture and colonnaded streets, it’s a modern city that is growing rapidly. Yet, it's surprisingly easy to trade the hum of motorbikes for the sounds of blue-throated macaws or pink river dolphins in the surrounding wetlands.

The city of La Santísima Trinidad (the Most Holy Trinity) was founded in 1686 by Padre Cipriano Barace as the second Jesuit mission in the flatlands of the southern Beni. It was originally constructed on the banks of the Río Mamoré, 14km from its present location, but floods and pestilence along the riverbanks forced relocation. In 1769 it was moved to the Arroyo de San Juan, which now divides the city in two.