Top Choice Cable Car in La Paz

Mi Teleférico

Designed by Austrian company Doppelmayr, the teleférico has been an apple in the eye of Bolivian politicians for decades. Opposition to the project faded under Morales presidency, and the red, green and yellow lines…
Bus in La Paz

Villa Fátima Bus Terminal

Services Coroico and other Yungas and Amazon destinations, mostly via micros. It’s about 1km uphill from Plaza Gualberto Villarroel. There’s no central station, so ask around to find the buses servicing your particu…
Airport in La Paz

El Alto International Airport

El Alto International Airport is 10km via toll-road from the city center on the altiplano. At 4050m, it’s the world’s highest international airport; larger planes need 5km of runway to lift off and must land at twic…
Bus in Cordillera Apolobamba

Trans Norte

Trans Norte runs a daily service to Agua Blanca and Pelechuco from El Alto (at the ex- tranca Río Seco). The bus may stop en route – depending on the driver’s mood – at the market in Huancasaya on the Peruvian borde…
Airline in Guayaramerín


TAM is operated by the Bolivian military, and while it typically offers cheaper fares, it reportedly is not held to the same strict safety standards that the commercial airlines are. TAM airplanes also tend to be le…
Train in Tiwanaku

Empresa Ferroviaria Andina

Empresa Ferroviaria Andina has started a pilot program to run occasional round-trip train trips from La Paz’ El Alto to Tiwanaku (1½-hour stop) and on to Guaqui on Lake Titicaca (two-hour stop). The train departs La…
Bus in Cordillera Quimsa Cruz

Flota Trans-Inquisivi

The easiest access to Crodillera Quimsa Cruz provided by Flota Trans-Inquisivi, which leaves daily in the early morning from La Paz’ main bus terminal for the eastern side of the range (to Quime, Inquisivi, Cajuata,…
Bus in La Paz

Main Bus Terminal

This services all domestic destinations south and east of Paz, as well as international destinations. It is a 15-minute uphill walk north of the city center. Fares are relatively uniform among companies. The station…
Bus in Charazani

Trans Provincia del Norte

From La Paz, Trans Provincia del Norte depart daily at 6am from Calle Reyes Cardona in the cemetery district. The services take six to eight hours and return from Charazani daily at 6pm. Book tickets (B$25) in advan…
Boat Tour in Copacabana

Titicaca Tours

Offers a round-trip boat tour that stops on Isla de la Luna for an hour, continuing to the southern end of Isla del Sol for a two-hour stop before heading back to Copacabana.