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Train fares range from B$11 to B$240, depending on the class and distance. Prices are competitive with bus fares and trains are more comfortable, but typically they are quite a bit slower.

Empresa Ferroviaria Andina (www.fca.com.bo) Operates the western network from Oruro to Villazón on the Argentinian border. Note that at research time trains were not running south of Uyuni due to track damage.

Ferroviaria Oriental (www.fo.com.bo) Covers eastern Bolivia, operating a line from Santa Cruz to the Brazilian frontier at Quijarro, where you can cross to the Pantanal. An infrequently used service goes south from Santa Cruz to Yacuiba on the Argentine border.

Tren Turístico Guaraní (www.ferroviaria-andina.com.bo/tren_turistico_fca) A tourist service departing every second Sunday of the month between El Alto and Tiwanaku.


It's a good idea to buy your tickets in advance, which you can do at the train station. At smaller stations, tickets may not be available until the train has arrived and intermediate stations along major routes are allotted only a few seat reservations. Careful planning is needed to avoid disappointment.

When buying tickets, make sure you have a passport for each person for whom you’re buying a ticket.