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For cyclists who can cope with the challenges of cold winds, poor road conditions, high altitudes and steep terrain, Bolivia is a paradise. Mountain bikes are common on Bolivia's large number of dirt roads. While traffic isn’t a serious problem (though cliffs are), intimidating buses and camiones (flatbed trucks) can leave cyclists in clouds of dust or embedded in mud. Finding supplies may prove difficult, so cyclists in remote areas must carry ample food and water. Given these challenges, many prefer to leave the work to a tour company.

If you’re considering any biking in Bolivia, make sure you purchase a comprehensive travel insurance policy.

Bolivia has its fair share of inexpensive bikes, which are mostly supermarket beaters from China. Quality new wheels are rarer. Your best bet for purchasing a used, touring-worthy stead is through agencies in La Paz. Try Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking for spare parts and help with repairs. Bringing your own bicycle into the country is generally hassle-free.