Top things to do

Top Choice South American in Rurrenabaque

La Perla de Rurre

Many in Rurre will tell you that this is their favorite restaurant and ‘the Pearl’ does indeed serve up some mean fresh fish and chicken dishes. The surroundings are simple but the service is excellent.
Top Choice International in Potosí


Potosi's most au courant restaurant, 4.060 is popular with groups of travelers looking for a comfortable and familiar night out. This spacious contemporary cafe-bar has earned plenty of plaudits for its pizzas, burg…
Top Choice Cafe in Potosí

Café la Plata

The city's most sophisticated cafe by far, this handsome, high-ceilinged place is comfortable and chic in a restored sort of way, and a good place to hang out, especially at one of the window seats with views of the…
Top Choice International in Samaipata

Latina Café

This bar-restaurant serves some of the best food in town: juicy steaks, saucy pastas, vegetarian delights and gorgeous brownies. The lighting is intimate and the sunsets beautiful. For a real treat try the steak in …
Top Choice Museum in Potosí

Casa Nacional de la Moneda

The National Mint is Potosí’s star attraction and one of South America’s finest museums. Potosí’s first mint was constructed on the present site of the Casa de Justicia in 1572 under orders from the Viceroy of Toled…
Top Choice International in Samaipata

Luna Verde

Great food made easy. The menu is on a chalkboard and changes frequently, though Tex-Mex dishes always feature prominently. Pick your main course, your accompaniments, grab yourself a refreshing cocktail and enjoy y…
Top Choice European in Rurrenabaque


Fusion in the jungle! This Tunisian emigre to Bolivia – via Paris – makes some awesome fish dishes (pescado Juliano is tasty) and has the only imported Peruvian shellfish in town. Save some room for the crème brûlée…
Cafe in Bolivia

Co Café Arte

A relaxed cafe with wooden tables and repro art on the walls. The cordial owner does decent coffee, juices and a few snacks.
House in Villa Albina

Villa Albina

If you haven’t already had your fill of Simón Patiño’s legacy in Oruro and Cochabamba, you can visit Villa Albina in the village of Pairumani and tour the home the tin baron occupied. This enormous white mansion, wi…
Health Food in Rurrenabaque

Casa de Campo

Healthy food is the name of the game here, with all-day breakfasts, homemade pastries, vegetarian dishes, soups, salads, on a breezy terrace across from El Lobo. Hospitable Adele is keen to make her guests happy (an…