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New Year in Tiwanaku

Aymará New Year

Locals don colorful ceremonial dress and visitors are invited to join the party, drink singani (distilled grape liquor), chew coca and dance until dawn at celebrations that take place on fall and spring equinox, whe…
Ruins in Tiwanaku


North of the Akapana Pyramid is Kalasasaya, a partially reconstructed 130m-by-120m ritual-platform compound with walls constructed of huge blocks of red sandstone and andesite. The blocks are precisely fitted to for…
Ruins in Tiwanaku

Puerta del Sol

At the far northwest corner of Kalasasaya is Tiwanaku’s best-known structure, the 10-ton Puerta del Sol. This megalithic gateway was carved from a single block of andesite, and archaeologists assume that it was asso…
Ruins in Tiwanaku

Akapana Pyramid

Climb the hill up to Tiwanaku’s most outstanding structure, the partially excavated Akapana pyramid, which was built on an existing geological formation. At its base this roughly square, 16m hill covers a surface ar…
Ruins in Tiwanaku

Puma Punku

Across the railway line southwest of the Tiwanaku site, you’ll see the excavation site of Puma Punku. In this temple area megaliths weighing more than 130 tons have been discovered. Like Kalasasaya and Akapana, ther…
Museum in Tiwanaku

Museo Lítico Monumental

The star of the show at this Tiwanaku museum is the massive 8m Monolito Bennett Pachamama, rescued in 2002 from its former smoggy home at the outdoor Templete Semisubterráneo in La Paz. You’ll also find a basic coll…
Ruins in Tiwanaku

Templete Semisubterráneo

East of the main entrance to Kalasasaya, a stairway leads down into the Templete Semisubterráneo, an acoustic, red-sandstone pit structure measuring 26m by 28m, with a rectangular sunken courtyard and walls adorned …
Bolivian in Tiwanaku

Restaurante Cabaña del Puma

Next to the ruin entrance, this clean eatery offers basic country food, like trout and chicken. A vegetarian meal comes with veggies, potatoes and country cheese. Chef Gloria Aliaga can also offer some more traditio…
Museum in Tiwanaku

Museo Cerámico

Showcases a small collection of the ceramics found at the site, as well as a ceremonially deformed cranium and artifacts from the Chiripa and Wankarani cultures.
Ruins in Tiwanaku


West of Kalasasaya is a 55m-by-60m rectangular area known as Putuni. It is surrounded by double walls and you can see the foundations of several tombs. About 90% of the artifacts collected by amateur enthusiast Frit…