Tiwanaku in detail

Flights & getting there

Many La Paz agencies offer reasonably priced, guided, full- and half-day Tiwanaku tours (B$80 to B$150 per person), including transportation and a bilingual (English and Spanish) guide. These tours are well worth it for the convenience; most travelers visit Tiwanaku this way.

Diana Tours and Vicuña Travel have round-trip guided trips to Tiwanaku from La Paz, leaving daily at 8:30am and returning around 4pm.

For those who prefer to go it alone, minibuses from La Paz’s cemetery leave when full and cost B$15 for the 1½-hour drive. These minibuses are often crowded and pass by the museum near the entrance to the complex. To return to La Paz, you can usually find a waiting minibus at the same point. If not, head to the village’s main plaza. Make sure it says Cementerio, otherwise, you’ll get dropped off in El Alto’s Ceja.

Micros (small buses) to Guaqui and the Peruvian border can be flagged down on the highway 2km away – again, expect crowds.

Taxis to Tiwanaku from La Paz cost from B$210 to B$280 for the round trip.

Empresa Ferroviaria Andina runs occasional round-trip tourist trains from La Paz’s El Alto to Tiwanaku (1½-hour stop) and on to Guaqui on Lake Titicaca (2½-hour stop). The train departs El Alto on the second Sunday of each month at 8am. Check the website or call ahead.