Tourist Information in The Yungas

Fundación Pueblo

An NGO that supports rural development projects that encourage local self-sufficiency, this group is a good source of information on the Takesi trek. It has done a lot of work with villagers along the trail to impro…
Medical in Cordillera Real

Socorro Andino Bolivia

Call this group if you get in a jam. They do technical mountain rescues and charge US$100 to US$200 per day per person (depending on location).
Bank in Sorata


Changes US dollars, does credit-card cash advances for a 5% commission, and has Western Union facilities, but no ATMs.
Tourist Information in Sorata

Tourist Information

Staff can speak limited English and offer maps and info on area attractions.
Bank in Coroico & Yolosa


Changes dollars at a fair rate and does cash advances for 5% commission.
Internet in Coroico & Yolosa


Offers the most reliable internet access in town.
Internet in Chulumani

Rayito Internet

Internet connections are sporadic.
Telephone in Sorata


Top up your phone.
Hospital in Sorata


Police in Sorata