Tarija in detail

Getting Around


City micros and trufis cost B$2.50 per ride. Routes are clearly marked on the front windows of vehicles.

Take minivans marked 'V' to El Valle de la Concepción.

Car & Motorcycle

If you want to get to spots outside the city on your own schedule, check out Rocas Rent a Car, which rents 4WD Toyotas and Nissans (US$90 to US$120 per day).


Although you can walk just about anywhere in Tarija, taxis cost B$4/8 per person for day/night trips around the center. It's B$12 for one person to or from the bus terminal, B$20 for two or more. It costs slightly more at night for all trips. Movil Andaluz is one of more than a dozen radio taxi companies operating in the city.