Religious in Tarija

Fiesta de Compadres

Two Thursdays before Carnaval, Tarija celebrates this unique fiesta with music, dancing and special basket tableaux constructed of bread known as bollus preñaus. Flowers, fruits, tubers, small cakes and other gifts …
Religious in Tarija

Fiesta de San Roque

This well-known festival, which officially begins in mid-August, gives thanks to the saint whose appearance supposedly marked the end of the plague and leprosy in the area. The main celebration begins the first Sund…
Rodeo in Tarija

Rodeo Chapaco

In keeping with its gaucho heritage, Tarija stages an annual rodeo, beginning on the departmental holiday. Rodeo Chapaco includes all the standard cowboy events. To get there, take micro C from the center.
Religious in Tarija

Fiesta de las Flores

This annual festival is a religious celebration dedicated to the Virgin of Rosario. It begins with a procession, which sets off from the Iglesia de San Juan. Along the route, spectators shower participants with peta…