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Top Choice Museum in Sucre

Casa de la Libertad

For a dose of Bolivian history, it’s hard to beat this museum where the Bolivian declaration of independence was signed on August 6, 1825. It has been designated a national memorial and is considered the birthplace …
Top Choice Museum in Sucre

Museo de Arte Indígena

This superb museum of indigenous arts is a must for anyone interested in the indigenous groups of the Sucre area, focusing particularly on the woven textiles of the Jal'qa and Candelaria (Tarabuco) cultures. It’s a …
Top Choice Cafe in Sucre

Café Gourmet Mirador

Settled in a lounge chair looking out over the city's rooftops and surrounding mountains you'll likely be inspired to scour the classifieds for Sucre real estate. No matter the time (though bring a hat and sunscreen…
Top Choice International in Sucre

El Huerto

Set in a lovely secluded garden, El Huerto has the atmosphere of a classy lawn party, with sunshades and grass underfoot; there’s great service and stylishly presented traditional plates (especially the chorizo) tha…
Archaeological Site in Sucre

Parque Cretácico (Cal Orck’o)

It seems that 65 million years ago the site of Sucre’s Fabrica Nacional de Cemento SA (Fancesa) cement quarry, 5km north of the center, was the place to be for large, scaly types. When the grounds were being cleared…
Museum in Sucre

Museo Eclesiàstico de Sucre

Next door to Sucre's cathedral, this museum holds one of Bolivia’s best collections of religious relics. There are four sections, ritually unlocked as your guided tour progresses.
Church in Sucre

Templo Nuestra Señora de la Merced

Following the current restoration work (completion date unknown at the time of writing), this church's interior will no doubt once again be one of the most beautiful of any church in Sucre. Much of it was bare when …
Museum in Sucre

Museo de la Recoleta

Overlooking the city of Sucre from the top of Calle Polanco, La Recoleta was established by the Franciscan Order in 1601. It has served not only as a convent and museum, but also as a barracks and prison. The highli…
Church in Sucre

Convento de Santa Teresa

The brilliant-white Convento de Santa Teresa belongs to an order of cloistered nuns. They sell homemade candied oranges, apples, figs and limes daily by way of a miniature revolving door.
Church in Sucre

Convento de San Felipe Neri

The view from the bell tower and tiled rooftop of the San Felipe Neri convent more than explains Sucre’s nickname of the ‘White City of the Americas.' In the days when the building served as a monastery (it is now a…