Arts & Crafts in Sucre

Inca Pallay

This weavers and artisans cooperative has an impressive array of high-quality handmade crafts, not all from the Sucre area. Prices are high, but this is the store that returns the highest percentage to the weavers t…
in Sucre

Ajllay Wasi

A complete selection of quality textiles from different weaving centers. Weavers take their crafts to the shop personally so they receive a bigger chunk of the profits. An explanation of the design of your textile i…
Clothing in Sucre

Awaj Warmi

Some of the highest quality alpaca designs you'll find, with prices to match.
Market in Sucre

Mercado Americano

A trip to this market, around the junction of Mujía and Reyes, will keep clothes-junkies busy for hours.
Market in Sucre

Mercado Campesino

A fascinating traditional food market with a really authentic feel.