Airline in Tarija


TAM has Monday and Friday flights to Santa Cruz and flights to La Paz via Sucre departing on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. The short hop to Yacuiba leaves on Wednesday and Saturday.
Airline in Tarija


Direct flights to Santa Cruz and Cochabamba; with connections to Sucre, Riberalta, Trinidad and Guayamerín.
Bus in Tarija

Old Bus Terminal

The bus terminal is at the east end of town, a 20-minute walk from the center along Victor Paz Estenssoro.
Airport in Tarija

Oriel Lea Plaza Airport

The Oriel Lea Plaza Airport is 3km east of town off Victor Paz Estenssoro.
Bus in Tarija

Trufis to San Jacinto

Outside the Palacio de la Justicia.
Bus in Tarija

Micros to Padcaya

Airline in Tarija


Train Station in Yacuiba

Railway Station