South Central Bolivia & the Chaco attractions

Top Choice House in Tarija

El Picacho

The riverfront hacienda of former Bolivian president Jaime Paz Zamora was designed by Zamora himself as his own version of Gabriel García Márquez' Macondo. Zamora, equally passionate about the arts and nature, will …
Natural Feature in Reserva Biológica Cordillera de Sama

Tajzara Lagoons

Along the eastern shores of the lagoons, the wind has heaped up large arenales (sand dunes). An interesting climb takes you to the symmetrical peak of Muyuloma, which rises about 1000m above the plain. The summit af…
National Park in Villamontes

Parque Nacional Serranía del Aguaragüe

The long and narrow 1080 sq km Aguaragüe National Park takes in much of the mountains of Serranía del Aguaragüe, which divide the vast Gran Chaco and the highlands of Tarija department. The park's name comes from Gu…
Wildlife Reserve in Padcaya & Chaguaya

Reserva Nacional de Flora y Fauna Tariquía

The lovely and little-known 2470 sq km Tariquía Flora & Fauna Reserve (created in 1989) protects a large portion of cloud forest and a smaller area of polylepis woodland on the eastern slopes of the department o…
Lake in Tarija

San Jacinto Reservoir

This 17-sq-km reservoir, 7km southwest of town, makes for a pleasant afternoon trip, especially on hot days. It gets very busy on weekends with families and university students feasting on crabs and dorado (a delici…
Wildlife Reserve in South Central Bolivia & the Chaco

Reserva Privada de Patrimonio Natural de Corbalán

This private 18 sq km reserve on the Paraguayan border was established in 1996 to protect a choice piece of Gran Chaco – its northern section is contiguous with the Paraguayan Reserva Privada Cañada del Carmen with …
Church in Tarija

Basílica de San Francisco

This basilica was founded in 1606 as the Jesuit 'base camp' in Bolivia and is now a national monument. The 16th-century convent library and archives, which may conjure up images reminiscent of The Name of the Rose, …
Market in Tarija

El Mercado de los Campesinos

This sprawling maze-like scene covers several city blocks with row upon row of vendors selling everything from lemons to electronics. The vegetable and fruit sections are an especially kaleidoscopic display of color…
Viewpoint in Tarija

Mirador Loma de San Juan

This park area above the tree-covered slopes of the Loma de San Juan provides a grand city view and makes it a favorite with smooching students. Climb uphill to the end of Bolívar, then turn right behind the hill an…
Observatory in Tarija

Santa Ana Astronomical Observatory

The country's first observatory, built in collaboration with the then USSR, is around 14km southeast of Tarija. Best to call in advance.