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Getting There & Away

Sorata is a long way from other Yungas towns, and there’s no road connecting it directly with Coroico, so you must go through La Paz via a paved road.

Buses leave for Sorata from near La Paz’s cemetery regularly between 4am and 5:30pm (B$20, 3½ hours). From Sorata, La Paz–bound micros depart when full and flotas (long-distance buses) leave on the hour between 4am and 5pm. Sindicato Mixto de Sorata offers services to Copacabana (B$45) and Coroico (B$50) when there is demand. It also runs regular trips to Achacachi (B$15) and Haurina (B$20).

For Copacabana you can also get off at the junction town of Huarina and wait for a connecting bus. Similarly, for Charazani you should change at Achacachi, but to do so you’ll need to start out from Sorata very early.

Sindicato Mixto de Sorata also services the towns on the rough 4WD track to the gold-mining settlement of Mapiri, including Quiabaya (B$20), Tacacoma (B$40) and Constata (B$40), with no continuing service to Mapiri. The departure is typically 11am. The biggest drawbacks are the horrendous mud, the road construction and some river crossings that are passable only with a 4WD.

Vagonetas (4WD vehicles) leave Sorata sporadically for the grueling journey to Consata (five hours) and on to the Sorata Limitada mine (seven hours) and Mapiri (eight hours). Ask around in town for prices and times.