Market in La Paz

Mercado 16 de Julio

For an excellent market experience don’t miss the massive Mercado 16 de Julio, which stretches for many blocks along the main thoroughfare and across Plaza 16 de Julio. This shopaholic’s paradise has absolutely ever…
Arts & Crafts in Trinidad

Centro Artesanal Moxos

Local Beni crafts, including weaving, woodwork and ceramics, are sold at the Centro Artesanal Moxos, 300m southwest of town along the river. Look out for the pifano, an indigenous flute made from the wing bone of th…
Arts & Crafts in Santa Cruz


The best place to find fine artesanías (locally handcrafted items), this store provides an outlet for the work of 1000 rural cruceña women and their families. The truly inspired and innovative pieces include leather…
Arts & Crafts in Sucre

Inca Pallay

This weavers and artisans cooperative has an impressive array of high-quality handmade crafts, not all from the Sucre area. Prices are high, but this is the store that returns the highest percentage to the weavers t…
Market in Oruro

Mercado Fermín López

The impressive Mercado Tradicional in the middle row of Mercado Fermín López has more dried llama fetuses and amulets than a voodoo master has pins. The affable vendors are more than happy to explain the usage of th…
Food & Drinks in Coroico & Yolosa

Madres de Clarisa Convent

The Madres de Clarisa Convent sells homemade brownies, orange cakes, creatively flavored biscuits, and ridiculously sweet wines. You’ll find it down the steps off the southwest corner of the plaza (just across from …
in Samaipata


Along the road to Finca La Víspera, this Japanese religious sect sells organic vegetables fertilized with divine light. For under B$7 you can be blessed with the ‘energy’ of the Mahikari Luz Divin…
Arts & Crafts in La Paz

Comart Tukuypaj

Offers export-quality, fair-trade llama, alpaca and artesanías from around the country. Upstairs the Inca Pallay women’s weaving cooperative has a gallery with justly famous Jal’qa and Candelaria weavings.
Clothing in Rurrenabaque

Clothing Stalls

The cheap clothing stalls along Pando are a good place to pick up hamacas (hammocks; single/double B$150/250) and finely woven cotton and synthetic mosquiteros (mosquito nets; from B$80).
Arts & Crafts in Samaipata


ASOPEC offers artesanías, produced and sold by Bolivian women from local communities, with all proceeds going to the makers. Wool, ceramics, soap, candles, liquor and even ice cream are on offer.