Top Choice Arts & Crafts in La Paz


For a one-of-a-kind souvenir head to Walisuma, which works with 59 different Bolivian artisans. Star items include gorgeous (and ultrasoft) alpaca and vicuña textiles made with natural dyes. There are also quinoa so…
Top Choice Wine in Tarija

La Vinoteca

The best shop to pick up a bottle of the local vino, singani or other specialty food products. Carlos, the owner, is happy to open bottles to try by the glass.
Market in La Paz

Mercado 16 de Julio

For an excellent market experience don’t miss the massive Mercado 16 de Julio, which stretches for many blocks along the main thoroughfare and across Plaza 16 de Julio. This shopaholic’s paradise has absolutely ever…
Market in Sucre

Mercado Campesino

A fascinating, sprawling market that's easy to get lost in, wandering row after row of goods from mundane everyday products to traditional foods. It might appear chaotic at first, but like a department store, it's o…
Arts & Crafts in Trinidad

Centro Artesanal Moxos

Local Beni crafts, including weaving, woodwork and masks, are sold at the Centro Artesanal Moxos, 300m southwest of town by the cemetery. Look out for the pifano, an indigenous flute made from the wing bone of the j…
Arts & Crafts in Santa Cruz


The best place to find fine artesanías (locally handcrafted items), this store provides an outlet for the work of 1000 rural cruceña women and their families. The truly inspired and innovative pieces include leather…
Textiles in Sucre

Inca Pallay

This weavers' and artisans' cooperative has an impressive array of high-quality handmade crafts, not all from the Sucre area. Prices are high, but this is the store that returns the highest percentage to the weavers…
Food & Drinks in Coroico & Yolosa

Madres de Clarisa Convent

The Madres de Clarisa Convent sells homemade cakes, 10 types of creatively flavored biscuits and ridiculously sweet wines. You’ll find it down the steps off the southwest corner of the plaza (just across from Carla'…
Food in Trinidad

Chocolates Para Ti

It's moved next door into the toy store, but this beloved shop still offers a wonderful selection of Sucre's most delicious chocolates, wrapped with love to bring home. See if you can get back to your hotel before t…
Books in La Paz

The Writer's Coffee

A gorgeous old-school bookstore with floor-to-ceiling shelves and great titles on local art and history. There's a chilled-out coffee shop in the front corner where you can dig in to your purchases or catch up on wi…