Dangers & Annoyances

Beware of bogus immigration officials, and carefully check the credentials of anyone who demands to see your passport or other ID. No real police officer will ever ask to see your documents in the street; be especially wary of ‘civilian’ police, who will most certainly turn out to be fraudsters.


Embassies & Consulates

Entry & Exit Formalities


Migración Visa extensions are available here.

Internet Access

There are numerous internet places along Junín and wi-fi in all but the very cheapest residenciales (simple accommodations), so you will have no problem getting online.


ATMs line Junín and most major intersections. Street money changers shout ‘¡Dóares!’ on the main plaza, but make sure you know the value of what you are changing, or use an official office (there are plenty nearby).

Casa de Cambio Alemán The easiest place to change cash. On the east side of the plaza.



Tonytel Local cell-phone rates are cheap. Chips with precharged credit can be bought here.

Tourist Information

Online information about the city of Santa Cruz and the main attractions of the Oriente region can be found at www.visitbolivia.org.

Armonía Office Visit the Armonía office in Santa Cruz for more information about conservation programs and details on visiting the lodges.

Casa de Gobierno A small information kiosk on the north side of the plaza is good for quick inquiries, but has little printed information.

Fundación Amigos de la Naturaleza A good source of national parks information. It's west of town off the old Cochabamba road.

Infotur Within the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, this office provides information for the whole region and the rest of the country.

Servicio Nacional de Áreas Protegidas Theoretically provides information on national parks, especially Amboró.