Zoo in Santa Cruz

Jardín Zoológico

Santa Cruz’ zoo has a collection of native birds, mammals and reptiles kept in pleasingly humane conditions, although the llamas are a bit overdressed for the climate. Keep your eyes open for free-ranging sloths and…
Museum in Santa Cruz

Museo de la Catedral

The cathedral's air-conditioned Museo de Arte Sagrado has a collection of religious icons and artifacts but very little typical religious art. Most interesting are the many gold and silver relics from the Jesuit Gua…
Museum in Santa Cruz

Museo de Arte Sagrado

The Museum of Sacred Art, inside the cathedral, displays a collection of religious icons, vestments and medallions. More interesting are the many gold and silver relics from the Jesuit Guarayos missions. Look out fo…
Cathedral in Santa Cruz

Basílica Menor de San Lorenzo

Although the original cathedral on Plaza 24 de Septiembre was founded in 1605, the present structure dates from 1845 and wasn’t consecrated until 1915. Inside, the decorative woodwork on the ceiling and silver plati…
Museum in Santa Cruz

Museo Guaraní

A small but fascinating and professionally presented exhibition of Guaraní culture in front of the zoo. Look for the animal masks and tinajas (huge clay pots) used for making chicha.
in Santa Cruz

Museo de Historia Nacional

Museo de Historia Nacional houses a permanent display of Chiquitania art and photographic exhibits explaining the customs of this little- known indigenous group.
Church in Santa Cruz

Bell Tower

There are good city views of Santa Cruz from the bell tower.
Plaza in Santa Cruz

Plaza 24 de Septiembre

The city’s main plaza serves as a lush tropical space where you’ll see locals lounging on benches or strolling, camba bands banging out their tropical rhythms and families bringing their kids to play. Once there wer…
Park in Santa Cruz

Parque El Arenal

Locals relax around the lagoon at Parque El Arenal, but it's best not to dawdle here at night. On an island in the lagoon, a bas-relief mural by renowned Bolivian artist Lorgio Vaca depicts historic and modern-day a…
Church in Santa Cruz

Iglesia San Roque

Named after the Jesuit San Roque González, this is a rather plain church most notable for its single bell tower.