Tourist Information in Buena Vista

Servicio Nacional de Áreas Protegidas

For information on Parque Nacional Amboró, visit Sernap, a block south of the plaza, where you can pick up an entry permit and ask about park regulations and accommodations options.
Hospital in Santa Cruz

Clínica Foianini

Hospital used by embassies, but be aware that some travelers have reported unnecessary tests and being required to stay longer than necessary to push up their bill.
Tourist Information in Santa Cruz


Within the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, this office provides information for the whole region and the rest of the country.
Tourist Information in San José de Chiquitos


A useful tourist information office in the alcaldía (mayor's office) just off the northwest corner of the plaza, with information about all the missions.
Bank in Samaipata

Co-operativa Merced

If the ATM on Campero is down you can draw cash on a credit card with your passport here.
Tourist Information in Buena Vista

Casa Municpal de Turismo y Cultura

The tourist office is on the southwest corner of the plaza and can be helpful in supplying names and contact numbers for guides.
Tourist Information in Santa Cruz

Casa de Gobierno

A small information kiosk on the north side of the plaza is good for quick inquiries, but has little or no printed information.
Tourist Information in Santa Cruz

Armonía Office

Visit the Armonía office in Santa Cruz for more information about conservation programs and details on visiting the lodges.
Medical in Santa Cruz

Hospital Universitario Japonés

On the third anillo, east side; recommended for inexpensive and professional medical treatment.
Tourist Information in Santa Cruz

Fundación Amigos de la Naturaleza

A good source of national parks information. It's west of town off the old Cochabamba road.