Cultural in Vallegrande

Che Guevara Festival

Since the bodies of Che and several of his comrades were recovered from the airport in 1997, the town has celebrated an annual Che Guevara festival in October, featuring folk art and cultural activities.
Music in Santa Cruz

Festival de Música Misiones de Chiquitos

A 10-day biennial festival held in even-numbered years, celebrating the area's baroque musical tradition. Concerts are held in Santa Cruz and the Jesuit mission towns.
Theater in Santa Cruz

International Theater Festival

Theater groups from all over the world perform in venues around the city. Held in odd-numbered years only, it’s a great time to be in Santa Cruz.
Cultural in Santa Cruz


If you’re in Santa Cruz during Carnaval, you should most certainly head for the paintball-plagued streets and join in the collective chaos. Carnaval occurs annually in February or March, one week before Lent begins.
Commercial in Santa Cruz


Every year Santa Cruz hosts this enormous week-long fair where you can buy anything from a toothbrush or clothing to a new house, a combine harvester or a 20-ton truck.
Fiesta in Buena Vista

Día de los Santos Desposorios

The local fiesta, Día de los Santos Desposorios, features bullfights, food stalls and general merrymaking.
Fiesta in Buena Vista

Chocolate Festival

Chocaholics can sample some of the local artesanal chocolate at stalls set in the main square.
Fiesta in Buena Vista

Coffee Festival

A chance to sample local coffee and buy other artisan goods at stalls in the main square.