Top Choice International in Samaipata

Luna Verde

Great food made easy. The menu is on a chalkboard and changes frequently, though Tex-Mex dishes always feature prominently. Pick your main course, your accompaniments, grab yourself a refreshing cocktail and enjoy y…
Top Choice International in Samaipata

Latina Café

This bar-restaurant serves some of the best food in town: juicy steaks, saucy pastas, vegetarian delights and gorgeous brownies. The lighting is intimate and the sunsets beautiful. For a real treat try the steak in …
Health Food in Samaipata

Garden Café

Famed for its slow food, you can gaze at La Víspera’s organic garden from its sunny, alfresco cafe and see kitchen staff running up and down to pick your salad fresh from the ground. There are good breakfasts and lu…
Vegetarian in Samaipata


Along the road to Finca La Víspera, this Japanese religious sect sells organic vegetables fertilized with divine light. For under B$10 you can be blessed with the ‘energy’ of the Mahikari Luz Divina – go on, don’t b…
Desserts in Samaipata

La Vaca Loca

This is where Samaipatans go for ice cream, devoured either on the small porch overlooking the square or in the back garden. It’s a popular hangout for lunch and dinner too.
International in Samaipata

El Cabildo

You’re guaranteed a good feed at this refined place, the restaurant of El Pueblito resort. Always popular with locals who have a little bit of money to spend.
International in Samaipata

Tierra Libre

This place is loved by backpackers for its ample and affordable eats and pleasant garden to enjoy them in. Top-notch dishes from around the globe are served in a bohemian setting. Veggie meals are among the treats o…
International in Samaipata

La Chakana

The long-established Chakana, on the west side of the plaza, serves reasonably priced breakfasts, sandwiches, vegetarian meals, excellent pizzas, homemade sweets, cocktails and European specialties. The drawback is …