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Top Choice European in Rurrenabaque


Fusion in the jungle! This Tunisian emigre to Bolivia – via Paris – makes some awesome fish dishes (pescado Juliano is tasty) and has the only imported Peruvian shellfish in town. Save some room for the crème brûlée…
Top Choice South American in Rurrenabaque

La Perla de Rurre

Many in Rurre will tell you that this is their favorite restaurant and ‘the Pearl’ does indeed serve up some mean fresh fish and chicken dishes. The surroundings are simple but the service is excellent.
Steak in Rurrenabaque


Set in an old house, this is a restaurant-cum-cultural center where there is always something going on. There is a lounging area on the ground floor, and two movie rooms (B$20 per film) and a billiard table upstairs…
Health Food in Rurrenabaque

Casa de Campo

Healthy food is the name of the game here, with all-day breakfasts, homemade pastries, vegetarian dishes, soups, salads, on a breezy terrace across from El Lobo. Hospitable Adele is keen to make her guests happy (an…
Breakfast in Rurrenabaque


Camila’s gets more popular by the year with the best-value breakfasts in town. The walls are plastered with photos of happy punters and jungle murals, and oropendola-nest lampshades complete the effect. There…
Bakery in Rurrenabaque

Panadería Paris

Across from Fluvial Tours, this might be your only pre-tour breakfast option, and the bread and pastries are almost worthy of its lofty name.
Spring in Rurrenabaque

El Chorro

A few kilometers upstream from the town, El Chorro is an idyllic beauty spot with a waterfall and pool. You can reach it by boat only; enquire at the harbor. On a rock roughly opposite El Chorro is an ancient serpen…
Market in Rurrenabaque

San Buenaventura

Sleepy San Buenaventura sits across Beni River watching all the busy goings-on in Rurre. It's worth taking the ferry across for a stroll. If you're looking for fine Beni leather goods, visit the well-known shop of l…
Bar in Rurrenabaque

Jungle Bar Moskkito

Peruvian-run, but English is spoken here. There’s a positive vibe, cheery service and the foliage that hangs from the roof makes you feel like you are in the jungle, whether there are ‘moskkitos’ or not. Throw some …
in Rurrenabaque

Casa del Turista

As interesting for its rickety bamboo structure as for the menu of Italian, Mexican and Bolivian dishes that it serves up. It feels a bit like the House that Jack Built, so be careful on the staircase after indulgin…