LGBT Travelers

  • The 2009 constitution is one of the first in the world to expressly ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • However homosexuality is still not widely accepted by the populace and gay marriage and same sex unions are illegal.
  • Gay bars and venues are limited to the larger cities, especially Santa Cruz and La Paz, but these are still somewhat clandestine affairs. Sharing a room is no problem – but discretion is still in order.
  • Gay rights lobby groups are active in La Paz (MGLP Libertad), Cochabamba (Dignidad) and most visibly in progressive Santa Cruz, which held Bolivia’s first Gay Pride march in 2001.
  • La Paz is known for La Familia Galán, the capital’s most fabulous group of cross-dressing queens who aim to educate Bolivians around issues of sexuality and gender through theater performances.
  • Mujeres Creando is a feminist activist group based in La Paz that promotes the rights of oppressed groups.