Middle Eastern in Coroico & Yolosa

Cafe Tafaddalu

Piped-in Arabic music and shisha pipes, combined with the falafel, kefta and kibbeh on the menu bring a whiff of Arabia to the Yungas. There are also specialty coffees, American breakfasts (if you must) and Bolivian…
Middle Eastern in Cochabamba


Sharing an entryway with the Muele del Diablo bar and adjacent to the Palacio Portales, Kabbab offers a thousand-and-one variations on Persian kebabs. Highlights include clay-oven flatbread, Turkish coffee and decen…
Middle Eastern in La Paz

Cafe Beirut

A dash of Arabian flavor in the Andes, you can grab a nice combo plate of hummus, babaganoush and labane for a nice price (the side bread isn't exactly right, but…) and top it off with a hit off a fruit-flavored shi…