El Porvenir

Walking Tour in Reserva de la Biosfera y Estación Biológica del Beni

Theoretically El Porvenir station can be used as a base for tours with enough notice, though these are more difficult to arrange during the wet season. Popular tours include the 2km walk to see the black caimans in Laguna Normandia and the eight-hour (20km) round-trip hike to the monkey-rich rainforests near the Marimono ranger station.

If you’re a bird fanatic, take the Loro tour on foot or horseback to see the colorful spectacle of macaws and parakeets coming to roost – or you can check them out in the palms at El Porvenir, where they provide a natural 6am alarm clock.

The most interesting but also the most taxing option is the four-day Tur Monitoreo (per person without/with food B$800/1080), during which visitors accompany park rangers on their wildlife monitoring rounds into the furthest reaches of the reserve. You will need your own camping gear for this and, of course, plenty of insect repellent, but you’ll have a great shot at seeing monkeys, macaws and pink river dolphins.

Horse rentals are available from around B$100 per eight-hour day.