Quijarro in detail

Flights & getting there

A train service crosses the Chiquitania en route from Quijarro to Santa Cruz every day except Saturday. The Ferrobus is the more comfortable service.

The road to Santa Cruz is completely paved now and more and more people are choosing the bus over the train. The new bus terminal is 2km west of the town center and train station and 4km northwest of the border crossing. Services to Santa Cruz (B$70, 12 hours) via Roboré (B$40, five hours) and San José (B$60, seven hours) leave at 11am, 6pm and 8pm. Trufis (shared car or minibus) to Roboré leave when full (B$30).

Crossing the Border to Brazil

The main border crossing to Brazil is at Quijarro at the end of the train line, with a second, minor crossing at San Matías, the access point to the northern Brazilian Pantanal. The route through San Matías is an adventurous border crossing; the road east of San Ignacio is still unpaved. Buses run between San Matías and Santa Cruz (the route may be impassable in heavy rain). If you are crossing the border in your own vehicle, Brazilian entry or exit stamps should be picked up from the Polícia Federal office at Rua Antônio João 160 in Cáceres; get your exit and entry stamps for Bolivia in Santa Cruz.

You’ll more than likely arrive in Puerto Quijarro by bus or by train between 6am and 7am to be greeted by a line of taxi drivers offering to take you the 3km to the border (B$20). Immigration offices are on opposing sides of the bridge. Bolivian officials have been known to charge an unofficial fee for the entry stamp (usually around B$18). Crossing this border you are generally asked to show a yellow-fever vaccination certificate. On the Brazilian side of the border buses or taxis will take you into Corumbá. Brazilian entry stamps are given at the border.

Expreso Oriental

RouteCost (B$)Arrival time
Quijarro to Roboré316:54pm
Quijarro to San José4811:04pm
Quijarro to Santa Cruz705:40am


RouteCost (B$)Arrival time
Quijarro to Roboré9010:45pm
Quijarro to San José1001:50am
Quijarro to Santa Cruz2357am