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Getting There & Away

Micros (small buses) from Cochabamba to Puerto Villarroel, often marked ‘Chimore’ (B$25, five to seven hours), leave from the corner of Avs 9 de Abril and Oquendo, near Laguna Alalay. The first one sets off around 6am, and subsequent vehicles depart every couple of hours.

Alternatively, from the old bus terminal in Santa Cruz take a shared taxi to Yapacani (B$25, two hours); from there go to Bulo-Bulo (B$15, one hour); and finally take a third taxi to Puerto Villaroel (B$10, one hour).

Note that transportation between Cochabamba and Santa Cruz doesn’t stop at Puerto Villarroel, but you can get off at Ivirgarzama and take a taxi the remaining 30-minute stretch (B$6).