Spiritual in Potosí

Fiesta del Espíritu

Potosí’s most unusual event happens on the last three Saturdays of June and the first Saturday of August. It’s dedicated to Pachamama (Mother Earth), whom the miners regard as the mother of all bolivianos. Campesino…
Cultural in Potosí

Fiesta de San Bartolomé (Chu’tillos)

This rollicking celebration takes place on the final weekend of August or the first weekend of September and is marked by processions, student exhibitions, traditional costumes and folk dancing from all over the con…
Religious in Potosí

Exaltación de la Santa Vera Cruz

This festival, which falls on September 14, honors Santo Cristo de la Vera Cruz. Activities occur around the Iglesia de San Lorenzo de Carangas and the railway station. Silver cutlery features prominently, as do par…