Year in Food

Bolivia's culinary habits are dictated more by altitude and climate, and by cultural traditions, than by season.

  • Easter (March/April)

During Easter week, Bolivians eat sopa de te’qo (vegetable soup) and biscocho de Semana Santa (round, flat biscuits).

  • August

In the first week of August, Villa Tunari in the Chapare region of the Amazon Basin celebrates Amazonian fish dishes in the Feria Regional del Pescado.

  • December

Bolivians celebrate Noche Buena (Christmas Eve) with a family feast. Traditionally, the meal includes picana, a stew made with chicken, beef, lamb, vegetables and potatoes, and lechón al horno (roast pork). On Christmas morning, a popular breakfast is buñuelos con chocolate (a sweet, soft doughnut with chocolate dipping sauce).