Registration & Guides

In order to protect the park’s geological wonders, it is compulsory to take a guide on any excursion outside the village. Entry tickets (B$100 for four days) are purchased at the park office next door to the office where you arrange guides. Hang on to your ticket at all times as it will be inspected by park rangers. Guides are unlikely to speak English, but their knowledge of the surroundings greatly enhances your visit and contributes positively to the local community.

The going rate for a guide is about B$80 to B$100 per person for a full day of excursions for groups of no more than six (ie for a full day to Ciudad de Itas and Caverna Umajallta it's B$106 in a group of five). Most people go to Caverna de Umajalanta, Ciudad de Itas and Cañon de Torotoro & El Vergel, combining Ciudad de Itas with one of the other two sights on one day and doing the remaining one in the afternoon of their arrival or morning of departure.

If on your own, the easiest and most affordable sight to visit is Cañon de Torotoro and El Vergel.

Turn up at the guides office around 7:30am to book morning and full-day trips; if you're just looking to join with others for the afternoon, it's best to hang out there starting at around 1:30pm.