Top Choice Barbecue in Oruro

Las Delicias

Arguably the best churrasquería (grilled-meat restaurant) in town, with attentive service, sizzling tableside parrilladas (plates of mixed grilled meats), great almuerzos (set lunches) and top notch Argentine-import…
Top Choice Barbecue in Oruro

Bravo’s Grill

Slightly more upscale grill restaurant with patiently cooked meat and fish dishes. If you can’t make up your mind what to choose, go for the house special Triple Delicia Combo which includes chicken, pork and prawns…
International in Oruro

Restaurant Ardentia

We don’t know how Halle Berry would feel about the restaurant using her likeness for its publicity, but copyright infringement issues aside, you get a good feed. They have a thoughtfully prepared lasagna, simple but…
in Oruro

Las Retamas

One of Oruro’s best restaurants, this rustic spot in a cozy series of rooms with leafy views dishes out international meals and Bolivian specialties such as pacumutu (grilled beef chunks with veggies on a ske…
Vegetarian in Oruro


Forget you’re in Bolivia at this Hare Krishna–devoted restaurant behind a modern glass front, where vegetarian meals are fresh, cheap and creative, the decor light, and the music ambient. Good juices and milkshakes …
Bolivian in Oruro


This appealing choice serves high-quality traditional orureño food with a dash of innovation. The servings are huge, so ask for half a portion of anything you order. Lamb is the specialty, served with salad and dehy…
Market in Oruro

Mercado Campero

There are rows of lunch spots at this market, as well as drinks stalls serving mate (a herbal infusion of coca, chamomile or similar), api (a local drink made of maize) and coffee.
in Oruro

La Estancia

Grilled meat is the specialty at this family-style restaurant with an Argentine flavor in its two dining rooms and a covered courtyard. Their pork lunch is popular on weekends.
Bakery in Oruro

Pastelería Dumbo

A decent quick stop for cakes, empanadas, salteñas (meat and vegetable pasties), hot drinks and helados (ice creams).
Supermarket in Oruro


This health-food chain has a great selection of nutritious snacks.