Top ChoiceNational Park in Los Lípez

Reserva Nacional de Fauna Andina Eduardo Avaroa

Tucked away in the southwestern corner of Los Lípez near the Chilean border is the remote Reserva Nacional de Fauna Andina Eduardo Avaroa. It's a rough bumpy road through marvelous Martian landscapes to get...

Lake in Los Lípez

Laguna Verde

The stunning blue-green Laguna Verde (4400m) is tucked into the southwestern corner of Bolivian territory, 52km south of Sol de Mañana. The incredible green color comes from high concentrations of lead, sulfur,...

Lake in Los Lípez

Laguna Colorada

Laguna Colorada is a rusty-burnt-orange-hued lake (4278m) that covers approximately 60 sq km and reaches a depth of just 80cm. The rich red coloration on the lake is derived from algae and plankton that thrive in...

Hot Springs in Los Lípez

Termas de Polques

At the foot of Cerro Polques lies Termas de Polques, a small 29.4°C hot-spring pool, and an absolute paradise after the chilly salar nights. Although they’re not boiling by any means, they’re suitable for...

Church in San Cristóbal

Iglesia de San Cristóbal

In 1999, this handsome Jesuit church was relocated stone by stone – along with other buildings in the village – from its original location, 20km away, to make way for a silver mine. The entrance is flanked by...

Geyser in Los Lípez

Sol de Mañana

Most tour groups wake at dawn to visit the large geyser field dubbed Sol de Mañana. This 4850m-high geyser basin has bubbling mud pots, hellish fumaroles and a thick and nauseating aroma of sulfur fumes. Approach...

Natural Feature in Los Lípez

Desierto de Dalí

Where the route splits about 20km south of Sol de Mañana, the more scenic left fork climbs up and over a 5000m pass, then up a stark hillside dotted with enormous rocks, which appear to have been meticulously...

Museum in Los Lípez

Museo & Necropolis Kausay Wasi

The community-run museum in San Juan displays regional archaeological finds and explains the burial rituals once used in the area. Nearby is the hillside burial site with tombs made from volcanic rock.

Natural Feature in Los Lípez

Árbol de Piedra

This much-photographed, five-meter tall rock in Desierto Siloli resembles a tree. Most tours stop here on the way to Laguna Colorada.