Mi Teleférico

Cable Car in La Paz

Designed by Austrian company Doppelmayr, the teleférico has been an apple in the eye of Bolivian politicians for decades. Opposition to the project faded under Morales presidency, and the initial red, green and yellow lines – the colors of the national flag – debuted in May 2014. Seven lines were operating in mid-2018, with four more set to open by the end of 2019.

At 30km-long and growing, Mi Teleférico is easily the world's longest aerial cable-car system. Riders can hop between lines for an additional B$2 per segment (pay in advance), creating endless combinations of ways to travel across the city. One popular trip takes you from the Zona Sur to El Alto via the yellow and green lines.

The thrill of riding above La Paz' swirling traffic and deep canyons is undeniably cool. You'll feel the car gently shudder as it passes through each concrete stanchion, and probably giggle a bit as the enthusiastic teens in their bright vests help you onto the car, ensuring a balanced load.There's more than enough time to cruise down from the center to the Zona Sur for lunch or dinner, and back. Not for the faint of heart – but then again, what in Bolivia is?