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Top Choice Museum in La Paz

Calle Jaén Museums

These four small museums are clustered together along La Paz’ finest colonial street, and can generally be bundled into one visit. Buy tickets at the Museo Costumbrista.Also known as Museo del Oro (Gold Museum), the…
Top Choice Seafood in La Paz

La Espinita

Get down to 'the bones' with a hearty Andean lunch of four favorite fried fish in a delicious home-made batter, all served with crisy ispi (little sardine-sized buggers) on top, and sides of potato and mote (big cor…
Top Choice Italian in La Paz


We don’t know where (or how) they get their fresh ingredients, but this candlelit underground restaurant has figured it out, offering up dish after dish of thoughtfully prepared, well structured and delicately balan…
Top Choice Gallery in La Paz

Fundación Solón

This building was once home to Walter Solón Romero, one of the nation's most important and politically active artists. Known for his elaborate murals and fascination with Don Quijote, Solón paid the ultimate price w…
Top Choice Market in La Paz

Mercado Uruguay

If you don't mind the hectic settings, your cheapest food scene is the markets. The comedor (dining hall) at Mercado Uruguay sells set meals (of varying standards), including tripe and ispi (similar to sardines).
Market in La Paz

Mercado de Hechicería

The city’s most unusual market lies along Calles Jiménez and Linares between Sagárnaga and Santa Cruz, amid lively tourist artesanías (stores selling locally handcrafted items). What is on sale isn’t witchcraft as d…
Museum in La Paz

Museo de Etnografía y Folklore

Anthropology buffs should check out this museum. The building, itself a real treasure, was constructed between 1776 and 1790, and was once the home of the Marqués de Villaverde. The highlight is the Tres Milenios de…
Museum in La Paz

Textile Museum

Fans of Bolivia’s lovely traditional weaving consider this small textile museum - Museo de Textiles Andinos Bolivianos, a must-see. Examples of the country’s finest traditional textiles (including piec…
South American in La Paz

Sumaq Mikhuy

The name means 'delicious food' in Quechua, and this cochabambina/paceña mixed family has hit the nail on the head with specialties like a picante surtido (a spicy chicken and potato dish) and pique a la macho (fren…
Museum in La Paz

Museo Nacional del Arte

This stunning building was constructed in 1775 of pink Viacha granite and has been restored to its original grandeur, in mestizo (mixed) baroque and Andino baroque styles. In the center of a huge courtyard, surround…