Top Choice Seafood in La Paz

La Espinita

Get down to 'the bones' with a hearty Andean lunch of four favorite fried fish in a delicious home-made batter, all served with crisy ispi (little sardine-sized buggers) on top, and sides of potato and mote (big cor…
Top Choice Italian in La Paz


We don’t know where (or how) they get their fresh ingredients, but this candlelit underground restaurant has figured it out, offering up dish after dish of thoughtfully prepared, well structured and delicately balan…
Top Choice Market in La Paz

Mercado Uruguay

If you don't mind the hectic settings, your cheapest food scene is the markets. The comedor (dining hall) at Mercado Uruguay sells set meals (of varying standards), including tripe and ispi (similar to sardines).
South American in La Paz

Sumaq Mikhuy

The name means 'delicious food' in Quechua, and this cochabambina/paceña mixed family has hit the nail on the head with specialties like a picante surtido (a spicy chicken and potato dish) and pique a la macho (fren…
Fast Food in La Paz

Paceña La Salteña

Eating a salteña (a baked pastry stuffed with out-of-this-world meat and vegetable goodness) is a not-to-be-missed local experience. The peach walls, chintz curtains and gold trimmings give the fare a gilded edge at…
in La Paz

Cafe El Consulado

A stylish cafe-restaurant, housed in a stunning, refurbished colonial building (formerly the Consulate of Panama), surrounded by green lawns and gardens. You can enjoy a range of contemporary-style international and…
South American in La Paz

Horno Camba

If you're missing yummy Santa Cruz breakfast and lunch treats like sonsos (wonderful Santa Cruz–style pancake with yucca and cheese melted inside) and cuñapes (cheesy pastries), here's your recompense. Some nice set…
South American in La Paz

Ají Seco

You can get a hearty set lunch of staples like queso humacha (a hearty altiplano dish of potatoes, cheese, onion and tomato), but the real house specialty is the hamburger in all its guises: Spanish burgers stuffed …
Brazilian in La Paz

Restaurant Paladar

This cavernous place serves recommended Brazilian fare, including feijoada (a bean and meat casserole, typical of Portugal and Brazil). Heavy drapes, bow-tied waiters and smartly dressed locals would have you think …
French in La Paz

La Guinguette

Polyglot cool cats abide at this chic eatery on the top corner of Plaza Avaroa. The cozy bistro serves an excellent soup, sandwich and dessert combo at lunch for B$45. Try an anise-laced Ricard or a quinoa beer and …