La Paz in

Two Days

Given the altitude and hills, La Paz is best explored at a leisurely pace. On your first morning, stroll the historic cobblestone streets around Iglesia de San Francisco and Calle Jaén, home to the wonderful Calle Jaén Museums. Tie some cultural threads together at the Museo de Textiles Andinos Bolivianos, or wander through the interesting (if slightly over-the-top) artesanía (handcraft) alley leading to Mercado de Hechicería, the Witches’ Market. Head to the posh Zona Sur neighborhood in the evening to try the award-winning Bolivian fare of Gustu.

On the second day, hop aboard Mi Teleférico and glide up to El Alto to check out the psychedelic 'New Andean' architecture of Freddy Mamani. Catch a ride back down into the upmarket Sopocachi neighborhood for dinner and drinks before settling in for some traditional music at a peña.

Four Days

Follow the two-day itinerary, then on your third day visit the wild rock gardens that surround the city in the Valle de la Luna or Muela del Diablo. It’s always fun to bring a picnic of fresh foods from the markets. On the fourth day take a day trip out to Tiwanaku to explore the ruins or do a day’s bike trip on the outskirts of La Paz.