La Paz entertainment

Top Choice Stadium in La Paz

Estadio Hernando Siles

The popularity of fútbol (soccer) in Bolivia is comparable to that in other Latin American countries. Matches are played at Estadio Hernando Siles. Sundays are the big game days, and there are typically matches on W…
Top Choice Live Music in La Paz


Just above the Mamani Mamani Gallery, and with a veritable Sistine Chapel of Mamani Mamani's art on the ceiling, this is the one peña you won't want to miss. Not only is there top-tier live music, but also authentic…
Wrestling in La Paz

Cholitas Wrestling

Some view these wrestling matches between indigenous women (derogatively called cholitas) as empowering. Others find it belittling. You can be the judge. The staged bouts take place in El Alto on Thursday and Sunday…
Classical Music in La Paz

Las Flaviadas

Flavio Machicado opened his home to music lovers in 1922 and the paceña tradition is continued by his son, Eduardo. Enter the genteel Sopocachi home and listen to two hours of classical music, from Bach to Bolivian …
Live Music in La Paz

Peña Jamuy

While tourists head to Peña Huari, locals flock to nearby Peña Jamuy, which is bigger, brighter and a lot more fun. This two-story Andean-themed venue hosts all-night ragers each weekend with live folk music and no …
Theater in La Paz

Teatro Municipal Alberto Saavedra Pérez

The municipal theater has an ambitious program of folkloric shows, folk-music concerts and foreign theatrical presentations. It’s a great old restored building with a round auditorium, elaborate balconies and a vast…
Theater in La Paz

Teatro NUNA

Since opening its doors in 2013, this intimate theater in Zona Sur has fast become one of the most dynamic and lauded in the city. It hosts shows for many of the city's theater, dance and music festivals.
Live Music in La Paz

Teatro del Charango

This intimate theater at the Museo de Instrumentos Musicales hosts live folk-music shows.
Cultural Center in La Paz

Nueva Acrópolis

This locally run cultural center offers courses, talks and other intellectual exercises, mostly in Spanish.
Cinema in La Paz

Cinemateca Boliviana

Art films (and Bolivian films) gone wild.