Live Performance in La Paz

La Casa del Corregidor

Housed in a beautiful colonial building, this upmarket peña (folk music) is called Rincon Colonial de La Paz, and offers a regular, but enjoyable peña experience.
Traditional Music in La Paz

Peña Huari

The city's best-known peña is aimed at tourists and Bolivian business people. The attached restaurant specializes in Bolivian cuisine, including llama steak, Lake Titicaca trout, charquekan (jerky) and salads.
Traditional Music in La Paz

Peña Parnaso

Also open for lunch (B$35) with no show.
Jazz in La Paz

Thelonious Jazz Bar

Bebop fans love this charmingly low-key bar for its live and often impromptu performances and great atmosphere. The marquee promotes upcoming sessions.
Wrestling in La Paz

Cholitas Wrestling

Wrestling matches between indigenous women (derogatively called cholitas) has become popular in recent years. The staged bouts take part in El Alto on Sunday afternoons. You can go on your own, but for ease of mind,…
Cultural Center in La Paz

Nueva Acropolis

This locally run cultural center offers courses, talks and other intellectual exercises, mostly in Spanish.
Classical Music in La Paz

Las Flaviadas

Flavio Machicado opened his home to music lovers in 1922 and the paceña tradition is continued by his son, Eduardo. Enter the genteel Sopocachi home and listen to two hours of classical music, from Bach to Bolivian …
Cinema in La Paz

Cinemateca Boliviana

Art films (and Bolivian films) gone wild.
Theater in La Paz

Teatro Municipal Alberto Saavedra Pérez

The Teatro Municipal Alberto Saavedra Pérez has an ambitious program of folklore shows, folk-music concerts and foreign theatrical presentations. It’s a great old restored building with a round auditorium, elaborate…
Dance in La Paz

Traffic Dance

Popular for cocktails, live music – from world beats to disco – and all the attitude and dancing, including salsa lessons, you can muster. It's across from Ketal.