Top Choice Gallery in La Paz

Fundación Solón

This building was once home to Walter Solón Romero, one of the nation's most important and politically active artists. Known for his elaborate murals and fascination with Don Quijote, Solón paid the ultimate price w…
Top Choice Museum in La Paz

Calle Jaén Museums

These four small museums are clustered together along La Paz’ finest colonial street, and can generally be bundled into one visit. Buy tickets at the Museo Costumbrista.Also known as Museo del Oro (Gold Museum), the…
Stadium in La Paz

Lucha Libre

To fighting of a different kind, one of the most popular local attractions in El Alto is the Lucha Libre, which are wrestling matches where theatrical males and acrobatic cholitas play to the crowds. It’s on …
Museum in La Paz

Textile Museum

Fans of Bolivia’s lovely traditional weaving consider this small textile museum - Museo de Textiles Andinos Bolivianos, a must-see. Examples of the country’s finest traditional textiles (including piec…
Market in La Paz

Mercado Lanza

Between Plaza Pérez Velasco and Calle Figueroa is Mercado Lanza one of La Paz main food markets (the other major one is Mercado Camacho). It sells all manner of fruits, vegetables, juices, dairy products, breads and…
Museum in La Paz

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Plaza

This private museum wins the gold star for the most interesting building: a restored 19th-century mansion (one of four left on the Prado) with stained-glass panels designed by Gustave Eiffel. The eclectic collection…
Museum in La Paz

Museo Tambo Quirquincho

This intriguing museum, a former tambo (wayside market and inn), houses four rooms of permanent exhibitions, as well as temporary exhibitions. Past exhibitions include cultural photos of Mexico and Peruvian art.
Museum in La Paz

Museo de la Coca

Chew on some facts inside the small, slightly tired Coca Museum, which explores the sacred leaf’s role in traditional societies, its use by the soft-drink and pharmaceutical industries, and the growth of cocaine as …
Museum in La Paz

Museo de Textiles Andinos Bolivianos

Fans of traditional weaving consider this small museum a must-see. Examples of the country’s finest traditional textiles are grouped by region and described in Spanish. Walk 20 minutes northeast from the Prado or ca…
Museum in La Paz

Museo Elsa Paredes de Salazar

An intriguing collection of more than 800 dolls from around the world, most dressed in traditional Bolivian costumes, but some from other continents and cultures. Look for the Evo Morales bobblehead.