Post in La Paz

Central Post Office

Lista de correos (poste restante) mail is held for three months for free here – bring your passport. A downstairs customs desk facilitates international parcel posting.
Police in La Paz

Tourist Police

Next to Disco Love City. English-speaking. Report thefts to obtain a denuncia (affidavit) for insurance purposes – they won’t recover any stolen goods. They also have a kiosk in front of the bus terminal. Insist on …
Embassy in La Paz

Brazilian Embassy

There are consulates in Cochabamba, Guayaramerín, Santa Cruz and Sucre.
Tourist Information in La Paz

Servicio Nacional de Áreas Protegidas

Provides limited information on Bolivia’s 22 protected national areas. There are offices close to all the major parks, but attention is sometimes erratic. That said, the website is informative if you read Spanish.
Embassy in La Paz

Argentinian Embassy

Consulates in Cochabamba, Santa Cruz and Tarija.
Tourist Information in La Paz

Information Kiosks

The kiosks have maps and standard bus prices, for reference. The attendants, if they happen to be around, may help you find a hotel.
Embassy in La Paz

German Embassy

There are also consulates in Cochabamba and Sucre.
Immigration in La Paz


Some call this place ‘Migraine-ation’ but this is where you must obtain your visa extensions (free for most nationalities).
Tourist Information in La Paz

Instituto Geográfico Militar

IGM offers original 1:50,000 topographic maps (B$40) or photocopies (B$35) if a sheet is unavailable.
Tourist Information in La Paz

Tourist Information

Stop by to grab some maps and get detailed information. English is spoken by some staff.